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We are proud to be water brokers at Gordon Agencies.

Our services include:

  • Temporary water trades
  • Permanent water sales
  • Water market advice and strategy

In the past, not many people have thought of their water right as an asset, something that can be bought, sold or traded. Water brokering can be a complex business and daunting for those unfamiliar with the procedures.

Gordon Agencies can now take the worry out of your transactions, sourcing the best prices locally and interstate, handling all the necessary paperwork. We ensure that our water prices are updated daily in conjunction with prices we follow through the market.

There are two types of water which can be traded and while similar they have their differences.

  1. Lower Murray Water administers water into another region such as; Sunraysia, Swan Hill, Robinvale and Wemen.
  2. Goulburn Murray Water is another water authority which administers a region of district water, whether town, stock, domestic & irrigation water which is located in the Goulburn region of Victoria.

Along with Murrumbidgee irrigation and NSW Irrigation water.

Gordon Agencies motto is ‘Australia Is Our Backyard’ we will organize, navigate, administrate, concentrate and achieve to get your water share SOLD or your water allocation transferred.

We have a great network of data, whether it be Sellers, Buyers or Associates who we do business with to get water trading done successfully.

Water allocation is done via internet transfer and is fast and efficient.

Water is a commonality that is needed by the farming community and investors. We will try to get the best result for you whether you are buying or selling or leasing your water share or allocation.

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