We are Team in Australia Who Help You to Find Highest Quality Real Estate

We are an independently owned, family run business and our morals are based on trust and integrity.
Our staff have excellent communication skills, are very punctual and use their initiative under all circumstances.

We provide accurate, reliable and up to date information and sound advice.
Our client’s best interests always comes first and we do our best to exceed the customer’s expectations, while maintaining the highest level of professional services.
When buying, selling or leasing properties in Sunraysia, make Gordon Agencies Real Estate your choice.

We offer services in property managing, water brokering and real estate.

Peter Gordon

Director, Office of Effective Control, Real Estate Sales and Property Management and Water Broker

Peter has been in the real estate industry for over 20 years and is involved in all aspects of the business.

He is a water broker, being able to sell and trade water for clients.

A real estate and sales agent, being able to appraise, sell and manage properties both for living in or investment.

He travels to Ouyen regularly not only for cattle but to look after Real estate sales and property management.

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