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Rental properties in Sunraysia and surrounding areas are in high demand and with this it is important as a tenant to know what you are applying for and becoming a renter means.

  • Make sure you view the property and take photos while you’re at the property
  • Provide as much information on your application as possible, and provide renting references if possible as this is what helps us know who you are and if you are a appropriate tenant to put into our properties.
  • Make sure the property you are applying for suits you and your needs; do you have children? Do you need to be close to certain schools? Do you have animals? Is it something you can see yourself living in for over 12 months?
  • Be prepared to sign a 12 month lease. Most landlords prefer to have tenants who will rent out the property for 12 months or longer, it’s not very often that 6 month leases will be an option for most properties.
  • It is important to pay your rent on time and keep two weeks ahead. If you can’t, we understand that things in life happen so keep in contact and communicate with our office and we will try and help out when we can.
  • Your rental past can affect your renting future. If you have been a problem tenant previously we will need to talk with other real estate agents to get your rental references and go onto a tenant data base and either look you up or put you on the system. This is why it is so important to understand your lease agreement when signing up for a property, and what is expected of you.
  • There are no second chances for first impressions. Our agents and staff ensure they take note when they meet you, and when you hand your application into the office and how you present yourself. This sometimes gives us a little insight into how you are as a person and how you may keep a property.
  • To get the competitive edge over other tenants you need to provide evidence to the real estate agent that you can afford the rent and properly maintain the property.
  • It is a condition on the tenancy agreement that rent must be paid on time and in accordance with the terms set out in the agreement. Paying your rent on time is your responsibility whether you come into the office, set up with centre pay, call your payment in or set up with your bank to have it direct debuted out of your account . This will also assist you at the end of the tenancy when you require a reference.

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