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Don’t Believe The Hype- Good or Bad

  • Do your own research! Whether it be to find out the target suburb or what areas are hot or not.
  • Research prices of houses in the same area which are similar to the house you are looking at buying, this will give you a good indication on whether it’s been priced accordingly.

Be Clear On What Matters To You!

  • Location on the property
  • Is the property for investment or for your own personal home?
  • Does it have all the major things you are looking for in a home?
  • Is the property in your price range?
    Take a walk around the neighborhood and see if you can visualize yourself living there, does it have the qualities you are looking for…

Consider Surrounding Suburbs

  • If your target suburb is out of your budget, or you are unable to find a property you like in the area; why not consider a more affordable neighbouring suburbs?
  • Remember if your attracted to a certain area because of it’s rising value, remember that it may spill over to surrounding suburbs and areas, due to population growing, new subdivisions opening, new shopping centers etc.

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